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Ben is now available for lessons, both in person and online!

“My focus is on positive encouragement, applied wisdom, and honest, constructive feedback. I like to let students determine their own path in a broad sense; as a teacher, I’m here to give you the tools and methods. I designed a methodology that compartmentalizes your skillset into four distinct ‘pillars:’ Theory, Listening, Improvisation, and Performance.  This allows an hour-long session to be broken up into 1, 2, 3, or 4 sections evenly, optimizing flexibility and purpose.”

Four-Pillar Approach:

Theory: deepening knowledge and application of key signatures, chord symbols, time signatures, scales, song forms, modes, voicings, and rhythms
Listening: appreciating, internalizing, and analyzing the work of the masters of past and present
Improvisation: time-feel, communication, comping, motivic development, melodic phrasing, chord-scale relationships, use of space
Performance: gradually learning pieces of non-improvised music that are both challenging and exciting for the student in order to increase proficiency and musicianship

Additionally, those who want to explore and learn music tech, such as digital production, media scoring, mixing, mastering, sound design, etc. don’t hesitate to reach out!


$30 per half-hour and $50 per hour. Weekly and bi-weekly scheduling is preferred.

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